Over 1750 Free Custom Icons For Download

| Saturday, March 20, 2010
Sick and tired of getting custom icons only to have to "settle" for some icon that doesn't really match what you were looking for but that's all that's available? No longer! Simply post the app you need and I will include it in my icon packs. Now you will never have to settle for the wrong icon ever again! I can also come up with new backgrounds/styles, just give me your suggestions! All icons are labeled by their program as well. So no more cryptic, unorganized icons. Looking for an icon for a phone, for example? Guess what? It's called "phone", not "a342907". If you see a /2/3 it means you have several options for that particular icon.

As usual, all I ask is that you check out my blog or link people to my blog (trying to build up traffic there): http://Droid-Does.Blogspot.Com

Here are some examples (the smoked glass icons do not have a white background, this was added to make it easier to see):

Carbon - Carbon/Gold - Blue - Black - Black/Gold - Red - Orange - Pink - Gold - Smoked

To install:

1. Unzip icons into a folder called "Icons" on your SD card.
2. Download Bettercut for 2.99 on the Market.
3. Open Bettercut, choose "Edit Shortcut"
4. Pick the shortcut you want to choose
5. Click "Change Icon"
6. Choose PICK PICTURE (not icon pack)
7. Find the photo, select it then hit create

Version History:

v1.0 - Advanced Task Killer, Advanced Task Manager, Alarm, Aloqa, Amazon, Apps, Astro File Manager, Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth, Browser/2/3, BT File Xfer, Calculator, Calendar/2, Camera, ChompSMS, Clock/2, Drocap2, eBay, Email, Entertainment, Facebook, FeedR, Flight Director, FML, GMail/2, Google Maps, Google Sky Maps, Google Talk/2, Google Voice/2, Handcent, Homerun Battle 3D, iHeartRadio, K-9 Email, Locale, Mabilo, Market/2, Metamorph, Music/2, Myspace, Pandora, Phone/2, PhoneMyPC, Photoshop Mobile, PicSayPro, Profiles, Quickdial, Quicksettings, Remote Desktop, Robo Defense, Root Explorer, SetCPU, Settings/2, Shazam, Shop Savvy, Solitaire, Tapatalk, Terminal Emulator, Titanium Backup, Touiteur, Voice Dialer, Where!, WiFi, Wireless Tether, Youtube ... color in Red, Blue, Black

v1.1 - Bank of America, Ringo Pro, Contacts, Sports Tap, xScope, Epocrates, Bloo, Touchdown (will upload soon) ... added color Carbon.

v1.2 - Tweetcast, TripIt, Tag Reader, Shopper, Uninstaller, Key Ring, Gem Miner, Email/2/3, News, Weather Channel, Weather (generic), Movies, BatteryLeft, Bettercut, Colorix, Dock Runner, Google Goggles, Meridian Media Player, TempMonitor, Pure Calendar, Visual Voicemail, Tower Raiders, Zedge, Contacts/2/3, Tip Calculator, NPR News, Yelp, Google Earth, Layar, Opera Mini, Gallery/2/3, Calendar/3, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Aim, Music (folder), Movies (folder), Pictures (folder), Tools, Multimedia, eBuddy, YouMail, NRU by Zagat

v1.3 - Smoked Glass icons

v1.4 - Droid Light, Astrid, Google Finance, LED Hack, Places Directory, Quick Boot, Quick Pedia, Quick System Info, BBC News, Brightness, Yellow Pages, Wiki Mobile, SpeedX3d, Slacker, Jewel Lust, Shoot U, Live Scores, Golf Channel, Gigbox, Phone/3/4/5/6, News Room, Evernote, USA Today

v1.5 - Blank template, Urban Spoon, Geodelic, Cardio Trainer, Tv.com, My Verizon, Minesweeper, Yahtzee, CopyCat, USB, Battery

v1.6 - Gameboid, Xbox/2, Penn State, FriendRing, MLB, NBA

v2.0 - Pink/Orange/Gold/Gold w/Carbon/Gold w/Black icons

Download link for ALL icons v2.0 is here. Always check the version before you download to make sure I am not in the process of editing the first post I had to make it one file because I can only attach five files at a time and the max file size is like 10mb and the file size is around 12mb total. Each color has all 177 icons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matthew, what a nice gift to us all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matthew greatly appreciated!

TheAncientBahu said...

Thank you, sir!!!

talkdj said...

Nice icons but for the life of me can't find messaging icon. Help!

Matthew Jones said...

Sadly, I don't have just a stock messaging icon. I have chomp and handcent there.

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