New Home Replacement for the Droid, TAT Home...coming soon?

| Sunday, March 7, 2010
At least I hope so. I've been watching and keeping an eye on the release of this amazing home replacement for the Droid for several weeks now, and so now it's time to share this amazing piece of future Android goodness with the few loyal readers that I have :)

If you haven't seen this yet, be prepared to go from six to midnight if you're a geeky guy and turn into Niagara Falls if you're a geeky girl....

You can join up on their website to be notified of future updates and releases...

Gesture Navigation

The widget fan gives you a stunning overview of all widget panes and lets you know in a glance if anything has happened across your widgets. Thanks to the ingenious gesture-powered design, you can instantly jump to any pane, including the application launcher, with the flick of a thumb. In a matter of days your muscle memory will know where widgets are placed and navigation will be completely seamless.

3D and TAT Cascades effects

TAT Widgets can be 3D, take multi-sensory input, smoothly transition between compact and full screen modes, be TAT Cascades for Androidsurrounded by particles, have physics in them or between them - pretty much anything you can think of, really. This all thanks to the fact that TAT Home is powered by TAT Cascades, the world´s leading UI engine for mobiles.

Smooth transition between Compact and Full

The compact mode shows conditions and temperature right now as well as the rest of the day and night. When expanding the widget you get a longer forecast that is represented as bars,Smooth transition between Compact and Full which is easier to glance at than digits.

The interactive Alarm clock widget lets you set an alarm by tapping on the clock and dragging the indicator to the desired time.

Android widgets are supported too

We don´t want you to miss anything. TAT Home comes with a widget compositing engine that seamlessly blends in standard Android widgets. We are also keeping a close eye on upcoming widget standards for inclusion in TAT Home the minute they gain market traction.

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