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| Friday, March 5, 2010
Well, here you go....all of my apps. Proving to you just how little of a life I really have :)

Let me know what you also use, and what you like better, or some app suggestions for me maybe :)

- 10001 Cocktails (for making drinks)
- Actioncomplete (to do lists)
- AdFree (for rooted phones, disables all ads from webpages, etc)
- Aloqa (uses GPS to see what stuff such as ATM, gas stations, movies, restaurants, take out food, etc are near you)
- App aware (see what apps people are installing)
- App Organizer (allows you to tag apps and create "folders" that you can see on my desktop, like Entertainment, etc)
- Autostarts (for rooted users only, choose what apps start up with the phone)
- Barcode Scanner (scan barcodes and search for deals on the net, better than ShopSavvy IMO)
- Bettercut (custom icons, icon text, etc)
- BettrFlickr (upload straight to your Flickr account)
- ChompSMS (allows you to customize your SMS)
- Dictionary
- Documents to Go Full (open any document, XLS, PDF, etc)
- drocap2 (screen shots of your phone, must be rooted)
- EbayPktAuctions (basically MyEbay in an app)
- Fandango
- FeedR (app for reading RSS feeds, comes with a widget as well)
- Flight Director (game that allows you to direct flights onto real runways using Google Earth images)
- FlightTrack Pro (tracks your flight status and pulls from TripIt app)
- Gentle Alarm (best alarm app I've seen)
- Homerun Battle 3d
- iheartradio (listen to streaming audio from Clearchannel radio stations all over the country)
- LiveScores (updates sports scores every 30 seconds)
- Mabillo Ringtones (best app for getting free ringtones)
- Mobile Package Tracker (get UPS package updates, etc)
- More Icons Widget (make more space on your home screens by putting 4 icons in the place of one)
- Multi-touch (pinch zoom) Browser from the Milestone
- MyLock (eliminates the unlock screen when not on a call, must press the power button to unlock the phone)
- News/Weather Widget
- QuickProfiles
- PhoneMyPC (view, monitor, control your PC via your phone)
- PicSayPro (edit photos for hue, saturation, etc)
- Pure Calendar Widget
- RoboDefense (the most addicting game I have ever played on a phone)
- Root Explorer (file manager for rooted users)
- Rooted Droid using Beautiful Beast 2.1 ROM
- Scan2PDF Mobile (scan in documents with the camera and turn them into a PDF for easy mailing)
- setCPU (must be rooted, allows you to over and underclock the phone)
- Shapewriter (change the way you type!)
- Shazam (identifies music for you by the lyrics on the radio)
- SNESoid (SNES emulator)
- Titanium Backup
- Terminal Emulator
- Touiteur (Best damn Twitter app)
- Trap (a game like the old Jezzball from Windows 3.1)
- TripIt (forward trip itineraries to and it adds everything for you into your phone)
- Unit converter (convert things like inches to mm, etc)
- USAA app (access your account, pay bills, use your camera to scan and deposit checks, etc)
- Webshare (simple way to use WiFi to xfer files)
- WikiMobile
- Wireless Tether (turn your phone into a wifi hotspot)
- Yelp (reviews on business, entertainment, etc)


ocholoco said...

awesome! thanks for the heads up on more icons & appAware.

blog looks awesome btw

Matthew Jones said...

No problem!

Serr8d said...

Check out Tricorder, if you're a Star Trek fan (makes use of various Droid sensors); probably the best are the live visual Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer, the visual GPS Satellite Tracking and the cellular - Wifi Field Strength Meters. Oh, and the real-time Solar Activity Monitor is sharp, too, but that doesn't work off of any internal sensors, but monitors an online web site.

klingon_fruitbat said...

temperature alarm so you know when to turn your heater off and on. apple store doesn't have one *shock face*

Dominic Young said...

It was my first time at BLRDROID and it was a great experience. Looking forward for the next meetups ..
Have shared a few photos using my the app that I made. This site helps me to write my essays on this theme.

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