Flight Director Game

| Saturday, March 6, 2010
What a fun an addicting game this is for less than the cost of one of those floofy Starbucks coffees. Basically this game shows you a real life airport using an image from Google maps. With different skill levels available, you use your finger to draw a path of three different types of aircraft (WWII style slow planes, helicopters, and more modern jets) from their entry point on the map to their respective airfield. Its a pretty easy concept (the correct runway will light up to show you the way) but get hairy pretty quick as more and more planes start to come out.

Fittingly, one crash ends your game.

I mention this game today not just because I've been playing it all morning, but because there was an update out this morning on the Market that adds an extra airport.

On an unrelated note, do you ever wonder why flight attendants tell you where the emergency exits are? I figure in the event of a real crash - assuming I even survive - there will be plenty of holes in the fuselage for me to exit from.

In any case, enjoy the game and keep all your virtual passengers alive!

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