Attention NHL Penguins Fans! Penguins Droid App Released!

| Monday, March 22, 2010
What an amazing day for Penguins fans/Droid owners!

I checked my Twitter just now and noticed a Tweet from the Penguins telling me that they have recently released an app for the Droid called "Pittsburgh Penguins Mobile". Basically this application gives you news stories, stats, standings, scores, videoslive updates (also has access to Penguins' Tweets within the program)...and best yet (well not for me since I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore due to being active duty Army) it allows you to watch replays when you are in the Arena!!!

Even if you are missing out on that amazing feature, this is still a great app. Talking with your friends and want to let them know some key Penguins stats or NHL standings? No problem. Want to see some video that was played on the Jumbotron recently? No problem.

The only thing I think it's missing is a link to the live radio like they have on their website. But have no fear, you can get that feed from iheartradio for free since 105.9 the X is a Clearchannel station!


Robert said...

Thanks for notice on the app Matth3w. I goto games and in the past the Yin's Cam was not "Droid friendly," maybe now it is!


RenewalCoupon4U said...

Thanks for notice on the app Matth3w

RenewalCoupon4U said...

Thanks for notice on the app Matth3w

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