How To: Root ("jailbreak") your Droid, install a custom ROM, etc.

| Saturday, March 6, 2010
I have posted a guide on how to root tucked away in a previous post (one of the first ones, actually).

Some people just want to root. For those people, I suggest heading over to to see this article. However, this article only teaches you how to root. It doesn't show you how to overclock, monitor temps, etc.

If you want to install a custom ROM, overclock, monitor temps, etc etc, you can try Pete's Bugless Beast v1.1 from by following my incredibly in depth, idiot-proof guide that I wrote up for here. This ROM is a 2.0.1 based ROM with MANY features from 2.1. I have used Pete's ROMs since I got my phone with ZERO issues. It just takes a little patience, research, and know how to do.

Lastly, some people, Pete included, have made 2.1 ROMs as well. Really your choices are endless. For other ROMs, questions about ROMs/rooting/you name it, head here on

Good luck, and definitely let me know if you run into any issues. You can also PM me on username there is Matth3w.

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