Here are 50 DROID Games in 2 minutes!

| Saturday, March 6, 2010
We all have seen the article about how Apple users are more likely to be playing games and searching for games than Droid users. I'm actually trying to find a copy of the article for you, but I think the reason they are playing more games is clear:

iPhone users are on the abyssmal AT&T network. And since they can't consistently surf the web, check their email, text message, or make phone calls with any sort of consistency, they have to resort to playing games and listening to music.

So in response to that article I want to hook you up with a video that shows you 50 games in two minutes that you can download and enjoy on your Droid.

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Anonymous said...

Um okay? But are there games on the INTERNET that we can play without having to download it?

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