Custom Tray Icons

| Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Thanks to StanRC and mvezz over at, we now have some very clean and nice looking tray icons available. They are a nice contrast to the boring stuff you usually see, and look great especially if you are using a smoked glass theme from a ROM (see the customization blog post from yesterday).

The original thread over there can be found here.

I changed mine if for no other real reason except to have a nice new GMail icon. If you use the stock messaging application instead of Handcent or ChompSMS, it really spruces up your notification icon for that as well.

The only kicker is, you have to be rooted and have MetaMorph (MM) installed from the Market as well as BusyBox. Several programs install BusyBox for you, and you can also install it using the ADB shell. There are a ton of guides for doing both over on and

The hardest part is getting Busy Box installed. Then you can just download the Metamorph program from the Market (I bought the donate version), put the zip file(s) from StanRC's thread into the AndroidThemes folder, and start the program. The rest is pretty easy.

Here is a guide to install Busybox:

How to install BusyBox.

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