Steve Jobs is an asshole

| Thursday, March 4, 2010
Well it wouldn't be a full day in the android community if yet another opinion on the patent lawsuit between HTC and Apple didn't pop I'm going to chime in as well since it's a relatively slow news day otherwise.

If you're just crawling out from under your rock and didn't see the news over the last few days, I'm here to enlighten you: Steve Jobs is an asshole. All of the people most likely interested in what I have to say in my blog probably already knew this but I'm just repeating what we've all been thinking for years.

Essentially Apple is suing HTC for alleged patent infringement with some of Apple's inventions. Why are they suing HTC do you suppose? Because not only is Jobs an asshole, but he's a coward too. Most likely Apple is using some of Google's patents as well and so he'd rather tangle with HTC who has very little patents instead of tackling the giant, Google.

For years we have heard about what an evil monster Microsoft is, especially after the ridiculous anti-trust lawsuit with Netscape Navigator...yet Apple fan boys are quick to sing praises for Jobs even though he is 100 or more times worse than Gates ever was. He controls what software his users must install, what format, etc. Hell, iPhone and iTouch users can't even ever have Flash.

What is Apple seeking from this frivolous lawsuit? Unspecified damages and the cease in production f HTC devices that allegedly use these infringed patents.

The timing, however, is what makes this story interesting. The first Android device was the HTC G1 which debuted long before Android was a threat to Apple. But now that the Droid beat the iPhone on Engadget and Apple is watching its market share having to move over a bit for the Android, Jobs decides to launch a smear campaign.

Jobs is running scared, because like Congress, he is realizing that the general public prefers less control in their life as opposed to more. He realizes that his position near the top is in jeopardy now that the mobile public has gotten their first taste of freedom ala Android. Much like Congress can expect to be ousted in November for trying to shove taxes and healthcare down the throat of Americans after being told "no", Jobs can expect to have his position at the top ousted by Android now that the public knows what it's like to have freedom on their phones.

You can see a copy of the filing here.


Anonymous said...

Well, what are they suing over? Or is this just a bitchfest?

Matthew Jones said...

Haha. Partially a bitch fest, but I added a link to another article that has images of the filing. I didn't really get into the specifics of the lawsuit because I figured that angle has been beaten to death. I prefer the Steve Jobs is an asshole angle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now he's a dead asshole.

Anonymous said...

He was an old school middle eastern huckster/retailer of overpriced Chinese phones. Seriously, he was one hell of cocksucker and I'm glad the arrogant prick is dead.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to register that I am in favor of jobs being dead. Best thing he's ever achieved.

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