Gesture Search Comes to the Android 2.0 and Above

| Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Google has just released Gesture Search on the Market. No, this isn't an app that gives Steve Jobs the finger, this allows you to make a gesture, such as an "m" which will bring up contacts, music, apps, bookmarks, etc that start with the letter "m". Then you can continue to gesture to spell something out (one letter at a time though) to narrow your search. I see this being a great "contacts" replacement. Instead of scrolling through your contacts you use the gesture. Very intuitive. I downloaded and tried it, and even with my sloppy and careless writing it didn't make a single mistake. Another quality app from Google.


Mike said...

Thanks for posting! I am going to download and give it a test spin!


Mike said...

Not bad...I wish it was integrated into the Contacts.apk and not a separate program though.

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