Customize your Droid: Root, Overclock, 2.1 ROM, WiFi tether, you name it!

| Tuesday, March 9, 2010
I just finished a huge write up on Droidforums and want to make my readers aware of it. It's easier to link to it than it is to copy and paste it here. Basically you can't go wrong, it teaches you how to root, overclock, install a custom rom, install custom icons, wifi tether, monitor cpu temps, you name it.

You can go from being a Droid noob to a Droid genius just by reading this thread. And that's how you know I'm a Droid genius because I wrote it :)

Learn how to hack your Droid here!

Good luck, and post over there if you have even the smallest question!

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Doc Shearon said...

Thread is it poss. to hack HTC 1 enabling wi-fi or tethering when T mobile says I can only have it if I pay vs. charging me more for say 10 g more data ?

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