Take that, Steve Jobs...Android tablet due out...

| Saturday, March 6, 2010
...with better specs and better pricing than the iMaxiPad...err...iPad. Better HD resolution, bigger screen, longer battery life, more expansion ports, memory expandable, has a camera...

The folks over at AndroidTap will give you even more specs (see link):

I'm actually glad that the iPad came out, because it puts the Android tablets in the spotlight. For example, I've had an Archos5 portable movie player with WiFi for about six months now...250GB and absolutely amazing for someone like me that travels all the time...so I'm sure this device will put mine to shame.

The iPad is your typical Apple device that doesn't really come with anything, leaving you dragging around 47 cords and external things.

But Steve Jobs is smart. He knows that if he took a dump an encased it in that shiny plastic Apple uses and included a Starbucks giftcard and a pair of Birkenstocks every hippy would rush out to buy one.

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