App review: ChompSMS

| Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have bounced around left and right between the stock messaging application, Handcent, and ChompSMS. Ultimately my personal preference, despite all the fun features of third party messaging apps, is minimilistic applications running in the background, using memory, etc. Call me anal, that's just the way I am.

However, today I was texting my wife some dirty, adult-only stuff and vice versa and noticed a terrible (yet consistent) problem with the stock messaging application: sometimes it shows the wrong contact in the correct thread. So I almost texted my aunt some very inappropriate things that I am nearly ashamed to even say out loud.

So off to switch to either Handcent or ChompSMS, the two leading third party messaging apps. Now the first and most important thing to remember when installing a third party messaging application is to DISABLE the notifications under Menu > Settings in the stock messaging application, otherwise you will get two notifications. This is by far the most common problem I see with the Droid as a whole!

Anyhow, so the benefits to using Handcent over Chomp are somewhat numerous, including multiple different chat setups (with Chomp you can customize colors but mostly it looks like the iPhone SMS setup), etc. However, one issue I ran into with Handcent on a fairly regular basis I was getting double text messages. Not notifications, but rather the same message would come through twice, despite having "auto retrieve" messages disabled in the stock messaging settings. This drives me up a wall.

So I decided to go with ChompSMS. It's free on the Market (as is Handcent).

Here are some of the positives about ChompSMS:

* iPhone look-alike. Yeah yeah, iPhone sucks, but honestly I always liked their SMS app look.
* Popup. Should you so desire, a quick reply popup can be enabled for you instead of having to go into the actual program every time. I keep this option disabled, but it's a nice feature.
* Change the color of the notification LED light
* Change the vibrate pattern (makes it easier to feel when in your pocket)

Feel free to comment on your thoughts between Handcent, Chomp, the stock messaging app, etc.


Kristaldo said...

Nice review, just have one comment. If the primary reason for choosing Chomp was the double notification, then the is a solution. All you need to do is go into the default messaging app and turn the notifications off.

Anonymous said...

CHOMPSMS is a great fun and a great way to personalize your phone with all the feelings of you. The iphone seems to be a great phone, unfortunatly, I will not allow Apple to personalize my phone with limited apps to chose is great to know all iphone users have the same messaging interface...BORING :(

Milford Alicia said...

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