Want to improve call quality?

| Thursday, March 4, 2010
We all want the best call quality that we can possibly get. Usually Verizon does a pretty decent job of giving us that coverage we need to make 1-900 calls from just about anywhere...but how is the call quality when you actually connect?

Here are two tips for better call quality:

1. Go to menu > settings > call settings and turn off voice privacy. Quite often this causes an echo for someone else on the other line.

2. This next tip might not always work, depending where you live...so if your call quality gets worse after trying just change it back...go to the dialer and on the standard phone screen type ##PROGRAM and enter 000000 when it askd for the password. Then choose VOCODE. the default is EVRC. Try changing this to ERVC-B. This is a newer call standard that isn't completely in effect yet....also you can try 13k which is the oldest of the standards. Let me know how it works.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work.

Matthew Jones said...

Could you be any less specific? It doesn't make your call quality better or you weren't able to figure out how to follow instructions to open up the programming menu?

Sweet Kitten Feet said...

Anonymous is obviously a tool. Thanks Matthew for providing good information. I enjoy reading your blog and am learning a lot.

Matthew Jones said...

Great, thanks!

Olivia said...

Tried the ##PROGRAM thing and the privacy off it didn't work. This is my second phone and the call quality is still bad. Any other suggestions? It's not just with DROID to DROID but everyone I speak to says the same thing. Love the other features, but hate that I have to keep repeating myself.

simplecall said...

I am looking for a reliable connection for International calling which offers crystal-clear Call quality without any dropped calls or poor connections. Can anyone suggest me something?

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