App review: Quick Profiles

| Tuesday, March 2, 2010
If you're like me, you are frustrated with the default options for changing your volume etc on this phone. I mean, you have so many things that this phone does...and that's great. But no one wants all those great things disturbing their sleep in the middle of the night and making you have a case of the Mondays.

Yet at the same time you might want to be able to get that ever-important phone call at 3am reminding you to fill out your TPS reports. So in that case, where does it leave you? You can go the hard route and disable every notification every night and re-enable them in the morning, or you can download Quick Profiles from the market, for free.

Quick Profiles allows you to set up and manage different profiles of all types. For example, my two most commonly used profiles are "vibrate" and "night". While that seems like a combination of words most women would use in a single sentence, they are in fact just two sound profiles for my phone. Without them I wouldn't even have kept my phone. Essentially I have two main ways I like to keep my phone: vibrate during the day for everything and at night everything but the ringer silenced. This app works great with Handcent or ChompSMS messaging app (see below) as they both have a notification option of "Vibrate only when ringer is set to vibrate".

So you take a few minutes to edit some profiles, place a link on your desktop, then it literally takes two clicks to change to open the app and one to choose a profile. Then the app auto-closes so you don't have to mess with it after.

Here are some screenshots...go download this app right away!

image image

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