What would a Droid be without customization?

| Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For quite some time I resisted rooting my Droid. You might be asking...what is rooting? Rooting is the Droid equivalent of jailbreaking an iPhone.

After much reading I decided to root my phone and use Pete's Bugless Beast. I actually wrote a very in depth, nearly idiot proof guide on how to root, install Bugless Beast, and many other things over on droidforums.net. You can find that link here:

[How To] Easily install Bugless Beast using only SPRecovery, Terminal Emulator, & zip

What are the benefits of rooting?

* overclocking
* custom themes or looks
* more control over the phone
* and much more

It technically voids your warranty, but hell, you can get back to stock pretty easily. Also included in the above link are links to Pete's official thread on Alldroid.org, and much more.


Anonymous said...

How'd you change what show's as the name of the programs on your home screen and whats the second widget down?

Matthew Jones said...

I used bettercut to change the names and pure calendar widget

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